Hello! I am Eric Zhu

I am a product designer & front end developer.

I begin loving drawing at my childhood and till now I am still devoting my whole passion and enthusiasm into the design area. I am the one who is curious about everything that I don’t know and always want to make things become the prefect. It really bothers me so much that eventually, I couldn’t have enough time to get to know everything. Even a quick peek could make me addicted. But since I get touched with web design, the complex programming language is keeping giving me pleasure. I realize there is a big world waiting for me to explore. Instead of drawing and painting, using the pure computer language to display the visual elements in my brain is a big challenge for me but the challenge could become the power to make myself a better and better designer. As I got my undergraduate degree in animation, I can’t help myself spending a lot of efforts into the interactive design. Simply multi lines of the scripts could make nice animated visual elements. I know what I learned won’t be wasted in my future career and I will do my best to make myself a professional web designer.

Skills, Thrills And Headaches...

Here is a link to my CV

.95 HTML
.90 CSS
.70 JavaScript
.60 PHP

Let's work together.

I'm currently accepting select design projects.

E-mail: zziou03@gmail.com